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Christian Author Annette Phillips Has Released Her Latest Christian Fiction - Hidden Arrows

Penulis : A. James on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 6:53 AM
Christian author, Annette Phillips, has released her latest Christian fiction. Annette has not only published a series of bible study books (for kids), she has now released her second Christian fiction book.

When Annette started homeschooling her oldest daughter through a Christian program, she found they required her daughter to read several Christian books each year which sounded great until she tried to find Christian fiction for her daughter to read.

There were a few authors who wrote Christian fiction, but most of them were Amish related books that her daughter would read but wasn't excited about.

Annette said, "My daughter loved to read. She loved books. When she was little she would push books around in a toy baby stroller instead of babies. I didn't want her to lose the passion because the books she had to read didn't spark that love inside of her."

As her daughter grew, it became harder to find Christian books. So, Annette decided to start writing herself.

While the books Annette writes wasn't written for her daughter, they were written with her daughter in mind.

"I wanted to make sure that other kids out there had books they could read that made them want to read. Do you know what I mean? Books they didn't want to put down and kept them wanting to pick up that next book."

So, several years later, Annette has written two Christian fiction books: Willow's Ride and now Hidden Arrows. Along with a series of bible study books with young children in mind.

To find more of Annette's books you can visit her author page on Amazon.

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