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Youth Group Games - Praise the Lord

Penulis : A. James on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | 7:31 AM

Here's a quick, fun Youth Group game that you can modify to your class and your Youth Group lessons. Kids of all ages love to have fun and laugh, so what better Youth Group games could you choose than ones that fit into having fun, laughing, and of course, praising the Lord?
Praise the Lord
Youth Group Games
Photo: Bill Gantz

Praise the Lord Youth Group Games

You'll only need a few things for this Youth Group game:

  • upbeat music
  • a CD player or ipod
  • room to move
  • and kids to yell, "Praise the Lord"
Choose music that the kids can move too. Some great Christian songs we love are:

  1. Francesca Batistelli- "This Is The Stuff"
  2. Chris Tomlin- “Sing, Sing, Sing”
  3. Jeremy Camp- “Jesus Saves”
  4. Newsboys- “God’s Not Dead”
  5. Casting Crowns- “Courageous”
  6. The Afters- “Light Up The Sky”
  7. Chris Tomlin- "Our God"
  8. Chris Tomlin- "I Will Follow"
  9. Tenth Avenue North- "You Are More"
  10. Brandon Heath- "Your Love"
  11. Mandisa- "Stronger"
  12. Newsboys- "I Am Free"
  13. Matthew West- "Strong Enough"
  14. Kutless- "Strong Tower"
  15. Philips, Craig, and Dean- "Friend of God"
You can also use VBS songs, Sunday School songs, or any other songs you have available.

What to Do:

When playing Youth Group games, try to keep the mood light. Picking games that need to be structured is a must. I know this from experience. Once, I had the kids run around the room to find a certain person. When they found them, they were supposed to say a bible verse together.

Sounds pretty easy, right?


The kids ran around bumping into each other, then trying to scream the verse louder than the other person. The only thing it did was give me a headache and the kids didn't learn a thing.

It was a lesson well learned.

Okay, back to this game.

This Youth Group game will be played by having the kids dance when the music starts and freezing when the music stops and shouting "Praise the Lord". Each time they kids freeze, have one child read the memory verse for the night. Then, start the music up again.

Continue until everyone has had a chance to read the verse.

You can also have the kids walk in a circle, crawl, hop, or anything else that they find fun.

May God bless you as you teach the kids about the Lord Jesus Christ!
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