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Fun Youth Group Games | Bible Lessons for Youth

Penulis : A. James on Thursday, January 24, 2013 | 7:36 AM

When you are in charge of a church youth group, you may often find yourself at a loss for new youth group games or a bible lesson for youth that applies to their daily lives.

If you will just look all around, God has given us hundreds of thousands of ideas for teaching kids about him.

Bible Lessons for Youth (and me)

A few weeks ago, I was asked, at the last minute, to come up with some bible lessons for the youth group at church. I wondered what in the world I would come up with to teach the kids that would help them learn about God and still keep today's world in mind.

My second concern was the ages of kids in our church youth group as they range from 5 to 19. How could I keep all of them interested and still teach them a life lesson?

I began by doing sword drills. If you don't know what sword drills are then you definitely need to learn about it and incorporate it in your teachings. First, I let the teenagers race against each other. This not only helped them, but it let the younger kids see how it was played.

I learned a lot from this one youth group game - kids have no idea where the books of the bible are.

This told me that we needed to work on finding books of the bible along with a lesson. If a child doesn't know how to use the bible or where the books of the bible are, then they certainly are not reading the bible at home.

A youth bible lesson doesn't always have to consist of standing in front of the group and talking the entire time. More often than not, letting the kids have some hands on activities will probably teach them more than you could realize.

Fun Youth Group Games

Along with using sword drills as a game and a bible lesson, you can also use everyday common items to teach. For example, a cotton ball, a spoon, and a plastic cup can teach the kids about following God, striving to become closer to him, and teaching the kids to be careful with their life. 

Sounds a little out there, right?

Here is the game:

Divide the kids up into teams. Give the first child in each line a spoon and a cotton ball. Place the cup 10, 20, or even 50 feet in front of each line. 

The kids will have to balance the cotton ball in the spoon while walking toward the cup. When they reach the cup, they must drop the cotton ball into the cup and race back to the next player. Whichever team gets all their cotton balls inside the cup first - wins. If the cotton ball is dropped, the child must pick it up, race back to the starting point and try again.

How will this teach the kids?

The cotton ball is white. This represents our life as Christians. When the cotton ball is dropped during the game, it begins to get dirty just like when we mess up in our lives and sin starts to corrupt us. The child must pick up the cotton ball and start over. When we mess up (sin) in our lives, we must ask God for forgiveness and start the next day over with a clean slate. 

As the kids are balancing the cotton ball on the spoon, they must be careful not to drop it. We have to be careful in our lives, as well. If we are not, we may find ourselves sinning more and more and like the cotton ball becoming dirtier and dirtier. 

The cup represents God. The kids are working toward a goal - to get the cotton ball inside the cup. In life, we also work for a goal - to get to heaven to be with God. 

A Final Note

Pray before each lesson and ask God to help you teach and explain things in a way the kids can understand, but most importantly, to teach the way He wants you to. 

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