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Youth Group Games | Charades

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After you've taught your youth group lesson, it's time for some youth group games! It doesn't really matter what your lesson is about as you can make up dozens of words to use in a game of charades.

Youth Group Games
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For this post, we'll use the youth group lesson of Daniel and the Lion's Den as an example.

After you have told the bible story of Daniel and the Lion's Den, divide the youth group into two to four groups depending on how many kids you have. Of course, if you need to make more groups, have a helper take part of the kids so every child will have a chance to participate in the charades game.

Youth Group Games - Charades

The story of Daniel has so many elements that your story may be more about praying instead of the actual lions themselves. It doesn't matter though. Just use any parts of the bible story for your charades word list.

Here is some charade words you could use:

  • lion
  • king or King Darius
  • praying
  • window
  • law
  • jealous
  • angel
  • God
  • throw
  • den or lion's den
  • bible
  • music
  • no sleep
  • safe

Use any words you think the kids will be able to act out.

Optional Youth Group Game

Decide on a certain amount of time for each word. If the first group can't figure out the word, let the others guess. If no one can guess it, have a white board ready and allow 15 seconds extra to see if the person acting out the word can draw it instead.

If you are keeping points, give 10 points for each correct word figured out during charades and only 5 points if the word is figured out by drawing it.

Have fun with your games. The more fun you have the more fun your youth group will have. Find more youth group games and other Sunday school games for your church.
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