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Free Sunday School Game Ideas for Young Kids

Penulis : A. James on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 5:24 AM

I teach young children who either can't read yet or are just learning to read which makes it hard to do many Bible verse games. Never-the-less, they still need to learn the verses of God's word. Believe it or not, the little kids often learn them quite quickly. Kids are smart these know what I mean.

Free Sunday School Game Ideas for Small Kids

Here ara two new ways to help teach kids Bible verses:

If the children are not too small - a great way to teach the kids Bible verses is with beans. Beans? Yes...beans. Purchase a poster board (any color). Now, pick up a bag of dried beans. If you are using black poster board, you may need to get white dried beans so they will show up nicely.

Before Sunday school, copy the verse onto the poster board. If the verse is short, cut the poster board in half and use the other piece for the next verse. During Sunday school, let the kids glue the beans onto the letters you've just written. Make sure the kids say each word as they are working.

Repetition is the key to helping little one's learn. After the glue has dried, hang up the verse. Let them repeat this verse several weeks in a row and as a reminder as needed. Encourage the kids to bring their parents into the room to show them what they've made and tell them to say the verse to them.

This next idea is something my kids love to do in Sunday school. We have less than 10 kids in our class, so you may need to add another balloon for larger groups.

The next free Sunday school game is called 'balloon bop'. This game is really fun for the kids. First, you'll need one or two balloons that you've blown up (not with helium just with good ol' air from your lungs). Have the kids stand up in a place where the floor is clear of table and chairs. Go over the Bible verse several times having them repeat it after you.

Next, bop the balloon back and forth in your own hands making it go high sometimes, while saying one word for each bop. Now, it's the kid's turn. Let the kids bop the balloon or balloons while they say each word of the Bible verse. Do this several times until you feel they know the verse.

Now, take the balloon away and have them say the verse to you.

Come up with some other great games Sunday school games for your kids to learn. Remember, the main thing is to teach your kids about God and the Bible. Make Sunday school fun, so the kids will look forward to class each week.
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August 14, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Great post. Thanks for this.

David Stanton
Youth ministry

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