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Youth Group Lessons - Weird Stories From the Bible

Penulis : A. James on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 8:10 PM

Being a teen youth leader can be a difficult calling in today's world. Most teens have their eyes glued to the computer screen 24/7 and would prefer to stay there, but with the right youth group lessons, you can have your youth group growing by leaps and bounds. How?

Youth Group Lessons

Teens love to go where there is something fun going on that can keep them entertained for more than a few minutes. It sounds crazy, but it's as if they have reverted back to their toddler years when nothing held their attention unless it moved fast and made lots of noise.

That's where a good group bible study comes into play. Think...different...strange...weird...and even scary. All of these can be found in the bible if you know where to look, although it would be a challenge to find exactly what you need and even harder to put together something that's more than just telling a bible story.

Weird Stories from the Bible

This book has some great ideas with the youth leader in mind as it focuses on stories from the bible that are perfect for youth group lessons.

Scary, Gross, & Weird Stories from the Bible - Download

Scary, Gross, & Weird Stories from the Bible - Download

Behind the bizarre of the Bible lurks the truth that helps us know God in greater ways. Some of the craziest stories in the Bible are also some of the most revealing! Use these 13 peculiar & profound lessons to grab their attention and equip faith for life. Each lesson focuses on a relevant topic that connects to a Bible story. Plus, a game, daring activity, and discussion questions that help teens uncover life application. Surprise your teenagers... with the disgusting truth! Gross them out during youth group time. Start up a weekly study. Create a Scary, Gross, & Weird Retreat. Allow one hour per lesson.

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