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Abraham and Sarah - Bible Story for Children

Penulis : A. James on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | 7:37 AM

There is no time like now to teach your children about the Bible. With Bible stories like Abraham and Sarah, children can begin to learn that the Bible is full of stories that are there to help us learn and deal with everyday life.

Learning from the Bible

Even children who attend Sunday school and church regularly can come up short when ask about a certain Bible story. For instance, when the story of Moses is told, most children have heard of the story about baby Moses being put in the basket in the river. But, they don't realize that it is that same baby Moses who was responsible for leading the children out of Israel. Nor do they put two and two together about how he went to Pharaoh and God sent the plagues.

The same goes for the story of Abraham and Sarah, or should I say, Abram and Sarai. Children should know that it is this Abraham that is the father of Isaac and Isaac is the father of twin boys. One of these twin boys, Jacob, had the dream about the angels going up and down the ladder to heaven and how Jacob was also the father of Joseph with the 'coat of many colors'.

It is important for children to not only know the Bible stories, but how they all tie in together.

Bible Stories for Children - How Can Children Use Them in Their Own Lives?

Of course, learning the Bible stories are wonderful, but how do they use these stories from the Bible to help them in their own lives? After all, isn't that what God put them there for? We are to study the Bible, learn from it, keep it close to our hearts, and then apply it to our everyday life.

For the most part, Christian children know many stories from the Bible, but ask them how it applies to them and you will come up short. As Christian parents, we should strive everyday to teach our kids the importance of God's Word and how we are to use it each and every day.

Abraham and Sarah Bible Story

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Below is an ebook available for Christian parents to help guide their children to understand the Bible and Bible stories better. The story is about Abraham and Sarah and their journey from beginning to end. The story is broken down into lessons for the children to read one each day. At the top of each lesson, the Bible verses are listed and children are encouraged to read the lesson first, then turn to the verses in the Bible and read it again for themselves.

At the bottom of each lesson is a 'cool or interesting' fact that leads children to think a bit more. Also, included in the Bible story is bolded words that children may not be familiar with yet. These bolded words are included in a 'Terms' section along with questions and answers for each lesson.

These Bible Studies are a great way to teach children that the Bible is interesting and cool along with teaching them new reading skills as each lesson is written with young children in mind, but adults will find it very helpful too.

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Click Here to see inside the book!

You can also find the ebook available for the Nook at Barnes and Noble. 

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